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red_barns's Journal

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Hi! So, hmm, Del (evilmastermind) and I (crimson_dew) have tossed a coin to determine who was going to write this introduction to the community, and I appear to have lost. ^_^;; So it's up to me to do it (Hi! I'm Em, by the way. ^^;) Since I suck at these things, just a few words: This comunity is dedicated to Hiroyuki Asada and his manga "I'll". (also known as "Generation Basket") "I'll" is a... hmmm... a... how to define it properly... ^^;;; I think fucking amazing manga covers it pretty well. :) It basically tells the story of a basketball team in High School. (I know it sounds lame. But it *really* isn't. For further information (loads of it, actually. ^^,,) visit Crazy Kouzu)
Here you can post *anything* related to Hiroyuki Asada and any of his works. (News, pictures, fanfiction...) We also welcome any question or comment. XD Enjoy.