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Hey guys! Sorry that it has been so long since I last posted here, but I have been going through an exciting and busy time lately, going on vacation, moving to my university away from home, doing Welcome Week (Frosh week) and then getting into classes, so I haven't had much time to spare on you guys. D: However, I do have two chapters here to make it up to you, finishing off Volume 11! There is still an extra chapter (-10), one whose title you will recognize because it is the title of my personal journal~♥

So before I get into some more logistics, here are the chapters:

Chapter 62 [Trans] & [RAW] (2.41MB)

Chapter 63 [Trans] & [RAW]

If you notice anything strange in the translations please just leave a comment letting me know because I didn't take the time to proofread them properly. They'll be automatically updated once I do, so just keep the link if you'd rather wait another few months while I get around to doing that.

Since we are finishing off another volume I've decided to switch back to scanlating once again for Volume 12. You guys deserve it, even if I am lazy and prefer doing only the translation part of the job. :P

Another newshiny thing: Red Barns @ WordPress. Not to supplant you guys or anything, because I'll still be posting here every time I release, but just to keep things organized. <3
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